One of the biggest supplier and manufacturers of ASTM A519 Grade 1025 seamless mechanical tubings in India, with ex-stock inventory of over 5000 tons at our warehouses in Mumbai, India. We offer the most competitive prices for ASTM A519 Grade 1025 tubes, which are widely used as boiler tubes and for general engineering applications.

We stock and supply ASME SA 519 Grade 1025 seamless mechanical tubing manufactured by Jindal, MSL and ISMT, the top three seamless tube manufacturers in India. We stock and supply ASTM A519 Grade 1025 seamless tube for liquid and petroleum applications in size range of 15.9mm to 323.8mm in thickness range of 3.5mm to 12.7mm.

Product ASTM A519 Seamless Carbon and Alloy Mechanical Tubing
Specification ASTM A519
Type Seamless
Size 15.9mm to 323.8mm
Thickness 3.5mm to 12.7mm
Length 6000mm, 12000m, Single Random Length, Double Random Length, or as customer’s requirement.
Grades 1025
Test Certificates Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2
Coating Tubing shall be coated with a film of oil before shaping to retard rust. tubing may be coated with a rust retarding oil on the outside and inside surfaces, at the option of the manufacturer.
Appearance The tubing shall be free of laps, cracks, seams, and other defects as is consistent with good commercial practice.The surface finish will be compatible with the condition to which it is ordered.
Applications Mechanical engineering, mechanical and pressure use,and also for transporting steam,water,gas and etc.
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  • Specification: ASTM A519 / A519M is the Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing
  • Mill test certificates will be issued according to EN10204.3.

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A519 Seamless Mechanical Tubings Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

As one of the biggest supplier of A519 seamless steel tubings in India, Metallica carries inventory of over 15,000 tons in its warehouses in Mumbai, Maharashtra India. We sell our ASTM A519 seamless tubing products throughout India, and to international clients. We can supply our ASTM A519 seamless steel mechanical tubing products not only in industry-standard lengths and diameters, but also in custom length and diameters. Our range of carbon steel A519 seamless mechanical tubings encompasses size range from 15.9mm to 323.8mm in thickness from 3.5mm to 12.7mm.

Chemical Composition of ASTM A519 Grade 1025 Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubes

Chemical Requirements of Carbon Steels
Chemical Composition Limits, %
C Mn
P, max
S, max
1025 0.22–0.28 0.30–0.60 0.040 0.050

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A519 Grade 1025 Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubes

Tensile Strength,
Yield Strength,
Elongation in 2 in. or 50 mm, %
Rockwell,Hardness B Scale
ksi MPa ksi MPa
1025 HR 55 379 35 241 25 60
CW 75 517 65 448 5 80
SR 70 483 55 379 8 75
A 53 365 30 207 25 57
N 55 379 36 248 22 60