• The prices for round bars have increased over 50-80% across various metals in past 12 months, due to rising raw material prices and soaring demand. A rise in price has forced stockholders to cut bulk purchases and focus on a strategy of purchasing goods which can be sold in short time. Round bars are widely used by machining, milling and forgings companies to produce various types of components. It is a key raw material to many engineering industries in India and across the globe. After a sharp decline in demand due to COVID induced lock downs across India, prices for round bars fell sharply, but recovered soon to even quote at double the price in case of some metals.
  • The prices are not only rising, but are rising almost every two weeks, largely impacting the profitability of component manufacturing and precision engineering companies across the globe. The massive rise in steel round bar prices was partly driven by a sharp rise in iron ore prices, which have now fallen more than 30% from there peak. Accordingly, we are expecting the prices for round bars would not stabilize at current prices of 10-15% lower.
  • The most commonly used round bar grades are SS 304 round bars and SS 316/316L round bars. The price for SS 304 round bar at Rs. 250/kg is down around 5% as compared to previous 15 days. While, the prices for SS 316 round bars  have declined by 2.5% to Rs. 290/Kg as on 18th August 2021. We have over 350 tons stocks of SS 304 and SS 316 round bars for immediate supplies to our customers across the globe.
  • At Metallica, we are looking to help our customers with regular updates on prices for various steel products, due to which they can time their purchase decisions well. We have compiled an indicative price list for various types metal round bars available in stock with us. Metallica is a full line distributor and supplier of round bars such as stainless steel round bars, copper bars, brass bar, aluminium round bars and round bars in phosphor bronze alloy. We also stock a complete range of round bars in special alloys such as Ally 400 round bars, Duplex 2205 round bars, and aluminium bronze AB2 grade round bars.

Price List of Round Bars & Rods – August 2021

Sr. NoRound Bar GradesPrice in Rs./Kg
1Aluminium Bronze AB2 Round Bar1000
2Aluminium Gr. 2014/2017 Round Bar450
3Aluminium Gr. 2024/2030 Round Bar1000
4Aluminium Gr. 6061/6063/6082 Round Bar300
5Brass Round Bar525
6Copper Round Bar750
7Duplex 2205 Round Bar280
8Alloy 400 (Monel®) Round Bar2000
9Phosphor Bronze 88-10 Round Bar1000
10Phosphor Bronze 90-10 Round Bar1100
11Phosphor Bronze Forging900
12SS 303 Round Bar240
13SS 304 Round Bar250
14SS 304L Round Bar265
15SS 310/S Round Bar390
16SS 316 Round Bar290
17SS 316L Round Bar310
18SS 316Ti Round Bar320
19SS 321/H Round Bar250
20Super Duplex  2507 / S32750 Round Bar750
21Titanium Grade 2 Round Bar1450
22Titanium Grade 5 Round Bar1900
  • If you are looking to buy round bars, rods or any type of forgings in ferrous or non ferrous, feel free to contact us on Email – info@metallicametals.com or call us on +918928722715.
  • The above prices are indicative only, and price may change for different sizes.
  • The above prices have been listed as on 18th August 2021. We will soon release a new update when there is 5-10% change in prices for round bars.