Which are the Top Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Companies in India and Worldwide?

In India, the largest carbon steel and alloy steel seamless pipe manufacturers are Jindal SAW, Maharashtra Seamless Limited, Ratnamani Pipes & Tubes, and ISMT. In case of stainless steel, as per our estimates 90% of the products are imported, due to very high cost of manufacturing in India. Metallica is one of the biggest supplier and dealer of stainless steel seamless pipes in India. For carbon steel, Metallica is one of the biggest stockholder and dealer of Jindal and ISMT make carbon steel seamless pipes in India, with annual sales of over 20,000 tonnes.

Our current price for SS 304 seamless pipes is Rs. 250/Kg, SS 316L seamless pipes is Rs. 305/Kg, Duplex Seamless pipes is Rs. 410/kg and carbon steel seamless pipes is Rs. 73/Kg. The price for stainless steel seamless pipes and carbon steel seamless pipes has increased recently due to shortage of materials, higher raw material prices and import restrictions for stainless steel pipes and tubes. The import restrictions are on account of steel quality control order, under which stainless steel pipes and tubes can be imported into India only from BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) approved factories. While, there are many stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers in India, there are just a couple of stainless steel seamless pipe producers in India such as Ratnamani Pipes & Tubes and Jindal SAW Ltd. In addition to these seamless pipe producers there are many seamless tube processing companies who use Chinese origin seamless pipes for further processing.

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Top Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in India

Below is the list of top carbon steel and stainless steel seamless pipe manufacturers in India. For immediate deliveries and factory prices for seamless pipes, please contact Metallica Metals India. Given our extensive stock of materials, and daily sales volume of over 100 tones, we would offer you the best prices, even lower the direct factory prices.

Jindal SAW Ltd India
Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. India
ISMT India
Ratnamani Pipes & Tubes India
Welspun Steel Ltd. India

Below is the list of the Top Seamless Pipe Manufacturers Worldwide

There are many top quality seamless pipe manufacturers across the globe, who offer goods with complete certifications and faster response times. We can help you source the right quality product from the right source at right price from any seamless pipe manufacturer across the globe.

Country Company Name Office
Argentina Tenaris Siderca S.A.I.C Buenos Aires
Austria Schoeller Bleckmann Edelstahlrohr Gmbh Vienna
Voestalpine Rotec Gmbh Vienna
Voestalpine Tubulars Gmbh & Co Kg Vienna
Belarus, Republic of Ojsc “Byelorussian Steel Works-Management Company Of St. Petersburg
Canada Sandvik Materials Technology Canada Toronto
China, People’s Republic of Angang Steel Company Limited Dalian
Anhui Tiankang Special Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Nanjing
Baofeng Steel Group Co., Ltd Zhoushan
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Changshu Walsin Specialty Steel Co., Ltd Jiangyin
Dalian Haneda Steel Tube Company Ltd. Dalian
Hefei Ziking Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Nanjing
Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Wuhan
Huadi Steel Group Co., Ltd. Zhoushan
Huaian Zhenda Steel Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Nanjing
Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co., Ltd Dalian
Hunan Xiangtou Goldsky New Materials Co., Ltd. Wuhan
Huzhou Hua Te Stainless Steel Pipe Shanghai Port
Jiangsu Jieda Specific New Material Co Ltd Jiangyin
Jiangsu Kexin Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. Jiangyin
Jiangsu Wujin Stainless Steel Pipe Group Co., Ltd. Jiangyin
Jiangyin China Resources Steelmaking Co., Ltd. Jiangyin
Jiangyin Seamless Steel Tube Factory Jiangyin
Jiangyin South Stainless Steel Pipes Co., Ltd. Jiangyin
Jiangyin Tongda Special Pipe Manufacture Co., Ltd. Jiangyin
Pangang Group Chengdu Steel & Vanadium Co., Ltd. Wuhan
Pangang Group Chengdu Steel & Vanadium Co., Ltd. Wuhan
Sandvik Materials Technology(China) Co., Ltd. Nanjing
Sankyo Stainless Tubes (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. Dalian
Shanghai Baoluo Stainless Steel Tube Co., Ltd Shanghai Port
Shanghai Fengxian Steel Tube Factory Co. Ltd Shanghai Port
Shanghai Tianyang Steel Tube Co. Ltd., Shanghai Port
Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Tubes & Pipes Co., Ltd. Dalian
Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Tubes & Pipes Co., Ltd. Dalian
Tianchang Kanghong Oil Pipe Company Limited. Nanjing
Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation Dalian
Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd Qingdao
Yada Piping Solution Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Yangzhou Chengde Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Nanjing
Yangzhou Lontrin Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Nanjing
Yantai Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Of Laiwu Iron & Steel Group Qingdao
Zhejiang Baiji Pipes Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Detrans Piping Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Dewei Stainless Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Gross Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Guobang Steel Co.Ltd. Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Jiashang Holding Co., Ltd Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals Co. Ltd Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Stellar Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Tsingshan Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Zhoushan
Zhejiang Xinhang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Shanghai Port
Zhejiang Zhongda Special Steel Co. Ltd. Zhoushan
Zhongxing Energy Equipment Co., Ltd Nantong
Czech Republic Arcelormittal Tubular Products Karvina A.S. Prague
Arcelormittal Tubular Products Ostrava A.S. Prague
Sandvik Chomutov Precision Tubes Spol. S R.O. Prague
Trinecke Zelezarny, A.S. Prague
Valcovny Trub Chomutov, A.S. Prague
Finland Ostp Finland Oy Ab Helsinki/Helsingfors
France Bsl Pipes & Fittings Sas Lyon
Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision Etirage Lyon
Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes France Lyon
Vallourec Tubes France Lyon
Germany Benteler Steel/Tube Gmbh Hamburg
Esta Rohr Gmbh Hamburg
Esw Röhrenwerke Gmbh Hamburg
H. Butting Gmbh & Co. Kg Hamburg
Kme Germany Gmbh & Co. Kg Hamburg
Nirosan Edelstahlrohr Gmbh Hamburg
Poppe & Potthoff Präzisionsstahlrohre Gmbh Hamburg
Rohrwerk Maxhütte Gmbh Hamburg
Salzgitter Mannesmann Line Pipe Gmbh Hamburg
Salzgitter Mannesmann Precision Gmbh Hamburg
Salzgitter Mannesmann Rohr Sachsen Gmbh Hamburg
Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes Hamburg
Sandvik P&P Zn Der Sandvik Materials Technology Hamburg
Schoeller Werk Gmbh & Co. Kg Hamburg
Sosta Stainless Pipes Gmbh Hamburg
Vallourec Deutschland Gmbh Hamburg
India Chandan Steel Limited Mumbai
Ismt Limited Pune
Jindal Quality Tubular Limited Mumbai
Jindal Saw Limited Delhi
Maharashtra Seamless Limited Mumbai
Italy A.D. Tubi Inossidabili S.P.A. Milan
Ilta Inox Spa Milan
Salzgitter Mannesmann Stainless Tubes Italia S.R.I Milan
Tenaris Dalmine Milan
Tenaris Dalmine Arcore Plant Milan
Japan Brasimet Industries Corporation Yokohama
Daiichi Stainless Kokan Co., Ltd. Kobe
Haneda Pipe Works Co., Ltd. Yokohama
Igeta Steel Tube Industries Co., Ltd. Kobe
Jfe Steel Corporation Kobe
Kobelco Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Nagasaki
Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. Kobe
Nakatsu Kokan Kogyo Co., Ltd. Nagasaki
Nas Toa Co., Ltd. Yokohama
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Pipe Co., Ltd., Kobe
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. Yokohama
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation Nagasaki
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation Yokohama
Nisshin Stainless Steel Tubing Co., Ltd. Kobe
Nkktubes Yokohama
Osaka Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Nagasaki
Sankin Corporation Kobe
Sankyo Special Tube Co., Ltd Nagasaki
Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd., Kobe
Showa Steel Tube Works, Ltd. Kobe
Stainless Kuze Co., Ltd. Kobe
Stainless Pipe Kogyo Co., Ltd. Kobe
Tokyo Seimitsukan Co., Ltd. Kobe
Korea Dae Chun Industrial Co., Ltd. Changwon
Daejoo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Seoul
Desen Co., Ltd. Mokpo
Dongyeun Steel Co., Ltd Busan Port
Husteel Co., Ltd. Mokpo
Husteel Co., Ltd. Seoul
Hyundai Steel Co. Ltd Ulsan Works Ulsan
Iljin Steel Corporation Mokpo
Jin Young Metal Co.Ltd. Busan Port
Korea Energy & Process Co., Ltd. Busan Port
Kossen Co., Ltd Mokpo
Kumkang Kind Co., Ltd. Ulsan
Leejin Co., Ltd. Busan Port
Ls Metal Co., Ltd Seoul
Nexteel Co. Ltd. Ulsan
Shin Han Metal Co., Ltd. Seoul
Sung Won Steel Co., Ltd Ulsan
Sungwon Co., Ltd. Changwon
Seah Changwon Integrated Special Steel Changwon
Seah Steel Corp. Ulsan
T Tube Co. Ltd Busan Port
Ust Co., Ltd Ulsan
Ycp Co., Ltd. Busan Port
Ycp Co., Ltd. (Hwajeon 2Nd Factory) Busan Port
Mexico Precitubo, S.A., De C.V. Veracruz
Poland Alchemia S.A. Katowice
Arcelormittal Tubular Products Kraków, Sp. Z O.O Katowice
Romania Arcelormittal Tubular Products Iasi Galatz
Arcelormittal Tubular Products Roman S.A. Galatz
Tmk-Artrom S.A. Galatz
Slovak Republic Zeleziarne Podbrezova A.S. Prague
Spain Productos Tubulares, S. A. U. Bilbao
Transformaciones Metalúrgicas S.A.U. Barcelona
Tubacex Tubos Inoxidables S.A. Bilbao
Tubos Reunidos Industrial, S.L.U. Bilbao
Sweden Ab Sandvik Materials Technology Gothenburg
Ovako Sweden Ab Gothenburg
Ruukki Sverige Ab Virsbo Works Gothenburg
Taiwan, Republic of China Froch Enterprise Co., Ltd Kaohsiung
Yc Inox Co., Ltd. Kaohsiung
The Netherlands Salzgitter Mannesmann Precisie B.V. Haren (Groningen)
Ukraine Centravis Production Ukraine Pjsc Mykolaiv
Vsmpo Titan Ukraine Ltd Mykolaiv
Llc “Interpipe Niko Tube” Mykolaiv
Oscar Pg Ltd Mykolaiv
Pjsc “Interpipe Nizhnedneprovskiy Mykolaiv
United Kingdom Liberty Drawn Tubes Birmingham
Tata Steel Uk Limited Birmingham
United States of America Handytube Corporation Philadelphia
Timken Steel Corporation Chicago
U.S. Steel Tubular Products Chicago
  • Seamless (SMLS) pipe as the name suggest is formed by drawing a solid billet over a piercing rod to create the hollow shell, used mainly to convey substances which can flow — liquids and gases (fluids), slurries, powders and masses of small solids.
  • As the manufacturing process does not include any welding, seamless pipes are perceived to be stronger and more reliable. Seamless pipe can withstand higher pressure, higher temperature, higher mechanical stress & corrosive atmosphere and find wide applications in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Power, Automotive, Bearing, Mechanical & Structural applications. And thus, was more often available than any other pipes.
  • Metallica is one of the largest stockholder, supplier and manufacturer of seamless pipes; carbon steel pipes, mild steel pipes, spiral welded pipes and LSAW pipes in India. Our average daily sales volume of steel pipes from our warehouse is over 210 MT’s. Stainless Steel pipes are available in a variety of grades, materials, and finishes, in metric and inch sizes.