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Manufacturing Process

Pipe Fittings Manufacturing Process

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Introduction Pipe fittings are piping component that helps in changing the direction of the flow such as elbows, tees; changes the size of the pipe such as reducers, reducing tees; connect different components such as couplings and stop the flows such as caps, fittings. As one of the biggest manufacturer of steel pipes and pipe [...]

Galvanizing Process of Steel Materials

By |2023-08-24T15:00:32+00:00July 30th, 2019|Categories: Manufacturing Process, Steel Pipes|Tags: , , , |

What is Galvanizing? Features of Galvanized Steels Steels, galvanized steels and aluminum alloys are industrially important metals that are produced in large quantities. Of these materials the corrosion protection of steel is most challenging, even if iron is nobler than zinc or aluminum. To prevent steel parts from rusting there are two options: Switch to [...]

Manufacturing Process For Welded Pipes

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What is the Manufacturing Process for Welded Pipes? Welded Pipes are manufactured from plate or from continues coil or strips. To manufacture welded pipe, first, plate or coil is rolled in the circular section with the help of plate bending machine or by a roller in the case of continuous process. At the start of [...]

Seamless Pipes Manufacturing Process

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Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Process - Summary Presently seamless pipe is made from round billet, which is pierced through the center to make it a hollow shell and then rolled or extruded and drawn to size. The seamless pipe manufacturing process consists of the following principal stages: Extrusion Process [Image Source: From Web] Making [...]

Stainless Steel Seamless & Welded Pipes Price List 17 December 2018

By |2019-03-17T16:06:21+00:00December 16th, 2018|Categories: Carbon Steel, Manufacturing Process, Stainless Steel|Tags: , , , , , , , , , |

Download Our Stainless Steel Seamless & Welded Pipes Price List - Click Here Price for SS Pipes in India, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Prices, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Prices in India - 17 December 2018 Stainless Steel 310S 310 Seamless Pipes Suppliers Prices for SS 304 Seamless Pipes, Prices for SS 316L Seamless [...]

Latest Price List for Imported Carbon Steel Pipes – 17 December 2018

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Seamless Steel Pipes Suppliers in Mumbai, India Prices for Imported Carbon Steel Pipes, Seamless Pipes in India - Lowest Prices Guranteed! We are pleased to provide you with the latest updated price list for imported carbon steel seamless pipes, as on 17th December 2018. Metallica is one of the largest stock holding company [...]


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