Clad Pipe and Lined Pipe

Clad Pipe and Lined Pipe [Image Source: From Web]

With the increase in technological advance, lined and clad materials are getting popular in Process industries. By combining two materials, we can get the advantage of the two materials at low cost. For onshore and offshore pipelines that need to achieve a balance between the mechanical properties of the carbon steel pipe and the corrosion resistance properties of a Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA); Metallica provides clad and lined pipes.

Both clad and lined pipes consist of a carbon steel pipe which has a layer of CRA in contact with the production fluid and hence, its corrosive environment.

For clad pipes, the layer of Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) is applied using different procedures that create a metallurgical bond, while the lined pipe is applied through a mechanical bond between the CRA and the carbon steel pipe.

Pipe Material

Pipe Material [Image Source: From Web]

Lined Pipe

By applying a lined material to carbon steel pipe, we can get the benefit of anti-corrosion property of lined material and strength of carbon steel. Commonly used lined materials are:




FRP (Fiber reinforced plastic)

Clad Pipe

A clad pipe has a Metallurgical bond between pipe and cladding material

The cladding is done by an explosive bonding process or by welding of clad material on a pipe

High strength carbon steel materials are cladded with high corrosion resistant metal to achieve cost benefits.

Pros and Cons

Cost effective: – Lined pipe is a cost-effective solution for non-critical services whereas Clad pipes are costly compared to lined pipe but cost-effective solution for critical services.

High temperature: – Lined Pipe has a limitation of non-metal such as it cannot be used in high temperature and pressure services. Clad pipe can be used in high temperature and pressure services.

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