Pipe Fittings and Flanges are used to connect pipes together and are available with many pressure ratings and grades suitable for various types of service conditions. Pipe Fittings and Flanges are either connected with stud bolts, machine bolts, by threading or buy welding the fitting or flange to a pipe, valve or piece of equipment.

There are many factories across the globe to produce pipe fittings and flanges. Setting up a pipe fitting and flange manufacturing unit requires requires less capital investments as compared to manufacturing welded and seamless steel pipes.

Metallica is one of the leading manufacturer of pipe fittings and flanges in India, with ex-stock inventory of over 400 tons in stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel pipe fittings. Our objective is to increase our customer base across the globe and offer the most competitive prices with best quality goods. We are currently exporting huge quantity stainless steel flanges and carbon steel flanges in the USA and Europe. At the same time, we have also won the trust of many pipe fittings and flanges buyers in Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Sudan, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, South Africa, Nigeria and so on.

Pricing for Pipe Fittings – The manufacturing cost for pipe fittings and flanges is directly co related to the prices for raw materials such as seamless or welded pipes, bar stock and forgings. India and China are one the largest low cost producing steel pipe, pipe fittings and flanges manufacturing destinations in the world. There are many small to large scale pipe fitting manufacturers in China, while in India there are comparatively less but high quality producers. Another major difference between Indian and Chinese pipe fittings manufacturers is that there are quite a few pipe fittings factories in China which produce as per local GB Chinese standard, while in India all pipe fitting manufacturers produce only as per ASME, ASTM and EN standards.

On the quality front pipe fittings produced by both nations is good and widely accepted by users across the globe. While Chinese manufacturers have already captured a major share in the world trade of pipe fitting and flanges sales, Indian manufacturers are now slowly catching up. Indian pipe fitting and flange manufacturers are a preferred choice suppliers for many factories in Europe, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Latin America and many other countries.

India is the lowest cost forged fittings, stainless steel flange and carbon steel flange producer in the world. Be it flanges produced from plates as per EN standard or flanges forged in compliance with ASTM and ASME specification, Indian manufacturers are the lowest cost producers in the world. We are increasingly exporting flanges from India to Europe, Middle East and USA.

Talking about pipe fittings and flanges manufacturers in the USA, Europe, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Korea there are many of them, and are big brand names today. Many oil and gas, power generation and petrochemical plants purchase pipe fittings and flanges produced by manufacturers in these locations. While, the quality of pipe fittings and flanges produced by manufacturers in USA, Korea, Japan and Europe is good, the prices are comparatively higher. In addition to higher prices, the delivery time for products from big renowned factories in very high due to which materials required on urgent basis are procured from India and China.

Some of the largest pipe fittings and flanges manufacturers across the globe include TK Bend, Benkan Thailand, Sungkwang Bend, Bassi Luigi, Erne Austria, Awaji, Delcorte, Mega, SSE Fittings – UK, and SBC Korea among others. Metallica is not the biggest manufacturer or the most renowned name in the industry, but we are growing and have won trust of many customers from across the globe for our quality, delivery time and pricing. With over 10,000 ton of carbon steel and stainless steel pipe inventory, we have the best chances to produce and deliver your pipe fitting requirements just in time.

List of Top Pipe Fittings Manufacturers Worldwide!

As can be viewed in the below list, all the top manufacturers of pipe fittings are based in USA, Italy, Spain, Japan and France, which are also the most developed economies in the world. It is not that there are no other manufacturers, but below is the list of most renowned names in the industry. Like Metallica Metals there are also many pipe fitting manufacturers in India and other countries, who are producing high quality fittings at competitive prices. If you are looking to purchase high quality pipe fittings like producers in USA, Italy and Japan, please feel free to contact us. We are also having extensive stocks of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel seamless pipes for immediate deliveries to our current and prospective customers worldwide.

Company NameCountry
Bassi Luigi & C SpaItaly
Zunt Italiana SrlItaly
Ulma Forja S. CoopSpain
Both-Well Steel Fittings Co LtdTaiwan
Erne Fittings GmbhAustria
Canadoil ForgeCanada
Group Genoyer (Carlyle)Canada
Bsl Pipes And Fittings SasFrance
Interfit S AFrance
Le Bronze Industriel SasFrance
Moizieux Gauchon Industries (Mgi)France
Spie EnertransFrance
Bruck Gmbh EnsheinGermany
Uhlig Rohrbogen GmbhGermany
Wilhelm Geldbeach Industrie GmbhGermany
Wilhelm Schulz Export GmbhGermany
Welding Outlets (Woi)Houston, Tx
Sumikin KikohHyogo, Japan
Fittinox (Stainless Steel)Italy
Iml Industria MeccanicItaly
Iml Industria MeccanicaItaly
Lame Forged Steel Fitting And OutletsItaly
Mega SpaItaly
Petrol Raccord SpaItaly
Piana SpaItaly
Raccordi Forgiati SrlItaly
Raccrdi Forgiati SrlItaly
Simas SpaItaly
Techno ForgeItaly
Tecnoforge SpaItaly
Tectubi Raccordi SpaItaly
Viar SpaItaly
Benex CorporationJapan
Dai-Ichi High Frequency Co Ltd Chiba WorksJapan
Mie TechnoJapan
Nippon Bend Co. Ltd.Japan
Nippon Steel And Sumitomo Metal Corp.Japan
Tk Corp.Korea
Erne Fittings Middle East Co. Ltd.Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabian Fabricated MetalsSaudi Arabia
Sungkwang Bend Co. Ltd. (Sk Bend)South Korea
Tae Kwang Bend Industries Co. Ltd.South Korea
Tebacex Taylor Accesorios SaSpain
Awaji (Ask)Thailand
Thai Benkan Co LtdThailand
Canadoil Asia Ltd.Thailand
Bkl Fittings Ltd.UK
Linvic Engineering Ltd.UK
Linvic Engineering Ltd.UK
Nautic Steels LtdUK
Vector InternationalUK
Wilsons PlcUK
Alaskan Copper WorksUSA
Alloy Piping Products IncorporatedUSA
Alloy Stainless Products (Ss/Alloys Only)USA
Camco Fittings ( Stainless Steel)USA
Canadoil Usa IncorporatedUSA
Capitol Mfg. (Carbon Steel)USA
Custom Alloy CorporationUSA
Dason Stainless ProductsUSA
Dynamic Products Inc. (Dpi)USA
Dynamic Products IncorporatedUSA
Mach IndustriesUSA
Mannesmann Dmv StainlessUSA
Penn Machine Works, Phoenix Forge GroupUSA
Pipeline Development CompanyUSA
Ram Forge & SteelUSA
Shaw Alloy Piping ProductsUSA
Shaw Alloy Piping ProductsUSA
Steel Forgings IncorporatedUSA
Taylor ForgeUSA
Trinity Fitting GroupUSA
Tube Forgings Of AmericaUSA
Ward Manufacturing IncorporatedUSA
Welding Outlets (Woi)USA
Westbrook (Wmi)USA
Wfi ( Bonney Forge)USA
Wfi International IncorporatedUSA

List of Top Flanges Manufacturers in India & Worldwide!

The below is the list of most renowned flange manufacturers worldwide mainly based in Europe and USA. In addition to the below names, there are many high quality and low price flange manufacturers in India and other countries. Metallica is one of the most cost effective flange exporter. We have regular export of flange to master distributors in the USA. If you are looking to purchase high quality flanges, please feel free to contact us for best prices and delivery time.

Company NameCountry
Ulma Forja S. CoopSpain
Forgerossi SpaItaly
Officine Nicola Galperti & Figlio SITALY
Linvic Engineering Ltd.UK
Officine A. Metaesi And Co.ITALY
Metalfar Prodtti IndustrialiITALY
Ringmill SpaITALY
RingrollersSouth Africa
Weldfit CorporationUSA
Korea Flange Co. Ltd.South Korea
Precision ForgingsSaudi Arabia
Promat Bd Ltd.UK
Bruck Gmbh EnsheinGERMANY
Offcine Nicola Galperti & Figlio SITALY
Wilhelm Geldbach Industrie GmbhGERMANY
Wilsons PlcUK
National Flanged And Fitting CompanyUSA
Bruck Pipeconnections BvNETHERLANDS
Viraj Forgings Ltd.India
Chaudhry Hammer Works Pvt. Ltd.INDIA
Moizieux Gauchon Industries (Mgi)FRANCE
Pipelife Netherlands B.V.NETHERLANDS
Galperti IncorporatedUSA
Ameriforge, Coffer, VirajUSA
Friedrich GeldbachGERMANY
Group Genoyer (Carlyle)USA
Wilhelm Geldbach (Wgi)GERMANY, ROMANIA
Dl FlangeUSA
KofcoSouth Korea
Group Genoyer ( Carlyle)USA
Allied Group, Tri-LadUSA
Officine Santafede SrlITALY
Oil States IndustriesUSA
Buffalo FlangeGermany
Futawa Flange WorksJapan
Wfi ( Bonney Forge)USA